A touch of feminine, a touch of masculine – Alexis Mabille Haute Couture

“What is most beautiful in feminine women
is something masculine.”
Against Interpretation and other essays (1961), Susan Sontag

Hello girls! Ahh, it seems that you enjoed the post yesterday, you have no idea how i’m happy for this reason. Over the past week, I followed the Paris Haute Couture, you know, I love fairy tales, the dream dresses, although I do not know if I am suitable to wear them, but see them parading, with their graceful silks, and the rustling noise that’s all this fascinates me. I’m an incurable romantic girl. I honestly think that Elie Saab has designed clothes that are the modern version of the Disney Princesses dresses (beautiful clothes!), Chanel has been a breath of freshness and elegance, as always, Valentino hit me but not impressed (sin), Jean Paul reminded Gaultiere to me that being a princess dark-punk can be cool, but here today I want to talk with you about a guy who previously had been here. That crazy genius Alexis Mabille! A great among the great, dare I say.

Haute Couture is a circle for a few, and if this guy was not so good I seriously doubt it could pull in an event as prestigious. Fashion houses like Versace, while having a haute couture line, are not part in an “official” of this circle. The collection of Mabille surprising because it is a merger between the world of men and women. You know, we usually say that the French are the best to dress like a man, but they are always very feminine. And the designer starts from this idea, he “sacked” by some elements of the male wardrobe and renewing them, creating a result in some ways more sober. The tuxedos are composed of a double-breasted jacket and long, narrow skirt, the wool on Both pieces fused with lace to create a tempting bit of peekaboo at the waist. The dresses, with their plunging necklines, the use of Chantilly lace, exhibitions lines in between the masculine and the feminine, the boundaries are blurred. 
Bow bustier dress with black veiled ombré wool, organza cape in black flounced organza. These are the kind of clothes that you see on the red carpets, events, gala dresses that turn heads and which remain in the memory, because who sees them wants to know who wears these wonders. Maybe … a princess.

Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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