giovedì, Ottobre 29

One day at the beach

Good Wednesday! Finally, yesterday i went to the beach for the first time this season. I enjoyed a morning at sea, including bathrooms, sun and relaxation. Having a white complexion, let’s say that I look like a mozzarella but I’d like to have ebony skin, I could not wear my trikini Mango or to Calzedonia, but the event is only postponed. So, I decided to wear one of the mini bikini sent to me some years ago by Divissima. Do you remember when I talked about this brand?

As you know, this italian brand stands out not only for the excellent quality of its products, and this I can confirm, but also for its very sensual style. Each bikini is designed to seduce the wearer and the viewer. My bikini, as you can see, under the strap around the hips, is characterized by small designs that create a game of “peek a boo” with the skin. If you see my face, you realize how much I was happy to be there at sea and how I was very ironic about my ability to “seduction”. But you know me, I do not take myself seriously, I’d rather be myself, natural  rather than pose as a model (which i’m not and will never be). So, let that be your bikini to seduce and take advantage of the balances for scelgiere a Divissima bikini.

Pictures: The Auburn Girl Team
Pictures: Samsung Galaxy S5

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