A day in Taormina with Christian Pellizzari


Good Friday! Did you spend a good Christmas? I hope so. I ate too much, I could not resist but too many good things were on the table. You’ve played cards, went to the movies, received the gifts you wanted? Tell me everything, please, i’m very curious!
But, c’mon, come back to serious things. Two days before Christmas, Team Landon had organized a new photo shoot, this time with… drumroll, please… Christian Pellizzari! It was an honor to work with this young Italian fashion Designer. What beautiful dresses!
So, the whole team moved to go to …Taormina! So, photo shoot started…
An old town, overlooking the sea and the most intense blue, surrounded by mountains, and on the inside, and pretty narrow streets, where fragrant with the smell of sweet and inviting.





In the streets of this village, three young girls,luxuriously dressed, roam the streets, to the discovery of wonderful landscapes and secret staircases … 


And in the silence of the streets, the three girls animated the village, with their laughter and the sound of their heels.




So while the girls discovered the pretty village they came upon a staircase, and curious, they decided to follow it, crossed the last step and disappeared. Among the streets of the village their laughter still ringing.
I hope you like my story 🙂
Go at the end of the post to discover everything about what we wore… If you want to find out what happened “before and after” photo shoot, click on “Because we do not take ourselves seriously …


























All dresses are creations of Christian Pellizzari.
First and Fourth: Primadonna Shoes, Zara Sunglasses, BeChic Necklace, Toys Fur Coat, Caramella Bijoux

Third  and Fifth Outfit: Bata Ankle Boots, Clichè Bracelets and Earrings
Photo shoot has been realized by The Auburn Girl Team: 
Cris Landon: writer, model, and photographer
Alessandra R: make up artist, model, photographer
Manuela B.M: model.
Thanks to Christian Pellizzari for fabulous dresses

All photos were taken with Canon Eos 1100 D

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