sabato, Ottobre 31

Tag: Miley Cyrus


Rock your legs

Have you ever wanted to dance like Miley Cyrus? Or Twerk like her? O sing like her? Have you ever wanted to have her audacity and her caring about the opinions of others? Well, maybe this is your chance and say thank to Golden Lady. For a girl who is used to amaze the world with her provocations, this certainly has not been anything of that. In a very pop video, Miley teases and provokes, but do you want to know what hit me? Her red tights! I love them !!! Seriously, i didn't look at her, i was in love with red tights. And an infinite number of outfits have appeared in my  mind, as i was in a Gossip Girl Episode. Have you ever experienced the feeling of those horrible seams that irritate the skin and does not allow you to feel comfortable? Well, Golden Lady solves the problem by creating...