domenica, Settembre 19

Something about me!

In these last two days, everything is happened! I had primised to myself to be more present than other times on my blog, but destiny was against me! Don’t worry, i’m becoming a fighter, so here i am.  I would like to tell you something about me,so let’s start…

I am a very shy person, i am not like others bloggers who are so perfect in front of a camera, i try to be good, nice but the result is not… good

Do you know the motto Carpe diem? Well, i am not good also in this thing…
I love books, not the ebooks, i love their parfume, the fact i can take them in my hands. My favorite writer? Jane Austen!

Like every girl in the world, i love fashion, especially bags! My father threatened to throw my colleciion of bags away if i buy an another one. Don’t worry i bought others, but he doesn’t know

During autumn, winter, and spring i usually have my “tea time”, and such as an english person, i drink tea with milk

I love rain, snow and winter time, i know, this is not usual, but my parents think that i have a british soul inside me who wants to come back home; may be that’s true, because i love england, United Kingdom, London and british countryside have a special place in my heart

p.s. i love walk in the rain

So, after this news, i have to tell you goodbye, duty is calling me! Next time, fashion news!

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