Probably she is onr of the most envied women on the planet, and she has good reason. C’mon, she had married the golden bachelor George Cloonet, and personally, i don’t believe women who say “I do not like him”.  Ever heard of the story of the fox and the grapes?

Well, this woman is the reason why many women from September lie to themselves. But while they tease you, I analyze the style of Amal Alamuddin. I can describe it in tree words: classy, chic, sober. It’s classy cuz sometimes she wears dresses as she lives in Audrey Hepburn era, and she look great.romantic dresses, simple, colorful,,few accessories but those few have style and are always luxurious. She is chic cuz she can wear jenas and crop top and it seems she in on the catwalk. Don’t you believe it? well, look the fourth picture of this post and you’ll do it. her style is sober cuz even if she wears designer clothes or accessories, she never wears nothing excessive, or huge or flashy jewelry. The make up is always looked after but never vulgar. And just cuz she is become a style icon in very little time, Ballin, a famous italian brand, has dedicated to her a bag, the Amal bag ans she wore it in several occasion. Now, maybe you can be jealous for her husband, and i can understand you ( c’mon, Mr What else is always sexy, it does not matter the age), but honestly i admire more her sense of style. And just for this reason , i take inspiration from her style.

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