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During this period, i start generally to think about Christmas gifts, many birthdays of my friends, and just as you have probably figured in the past months, i love original and stylish products. An accessory can  give a touch of style to an entire outfit, a touch of elegance or punk style, it all depends on what you decide to wear. 

Today, i want to share with you Civita Coins of Queriot

Brand was created by Francesco Minoli, on 2009, after a long experience with other brands, such as Pomellato. The idea of the brand is to create  carat gold sophisticated jewellery, nice to wear every day.

Especially in this hard period, good ideas are always important to create and start new projects. The brand has project which is very interesting and innovative facets for gold jewellery Italian.
Mr. Minoli focuses the attention on the concept of ” joaillerie toujours à porter”: a jewel – accessory , combining the sophisticated design and Italian know-how without being excessive in price.

Mr Minoli said:” we needed to find a point of different balance between the product and the price, but remain in the jewellery, without slipping into jewelry.
We use the same laboratories and the suppliers of the largest names in jewelery world. This choice allows us to dedicate ourselves to real jewelery creations, with content of creativity and larger forms, maintaining adequate prices to the market”.
The 2013 collection of Civita Coins wants to give to women shapes and noble and full volumes determined, clean lines and contemporary jewelry. The jewels are perfect and very beautiful because of their versatility, their ability to be adapted to the style of the modern woman.
Jewels that transcend the style to become evergreen pieces.

The whole collection is available on, it can be a good idea for an original gift, for a person who you love or for youself.

(ps go to the end of the post to find out a little surprise)

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Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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