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Egò/Sonia De Nisco bright accessories

Happy Saturday!! Before starting to talk about this brand, i just wanna tell you THANKS!!!!! For all your love, support, ideas, all. THANKS!!You are always more and I really thank you very much for this! But now, after all this love, it’s time to go back to fashion news. Did you hear Kim Kardashian finally has realizer her dream? No, she’s not more rich or famous than ever, but she is finally on Vogue America Cover. Fashion Bible has succumbed to the temptation… false step for Ms. Wintour. Will she make the end of Carine Roitfeld? We are here to wait. 
But now, do you remember that during the week i talked with you about Egò/Sonia De Nisco? Well, if you remember good, i told you I’d show you the rest of the collection.

Rest of the collection includes fashion accessories. Shoes, bags, jewels, you know , all those fabulous things that women love. Among decollettes shiny, worthy of any international red carpets, sandals embellished with stones / gem, urban style sneakers are in the colors of the season, enriched with precious details. Among all the creations,  stand out woven leather sandals, with high and wide heel. The bags and jewelry are brilliant, ethnic and intriguing style, to make the tantalizing spring / summer nights. Laminated fabrics and paillettes, gems and fringes: boho-chic style is back, girls! Well, I leave you in the company of these fabulous  fashion-accessories. A round of applause for Egò/Sonia De Nisco.

Pictures: Antress Press Office

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