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No makeup is really complete without a touch of mascara , an indispensable ally for every woman for more than a century.
Its history dates back to 1913, a when the chemist TL Williams invented it in honor of His sister, giving rise not only to a revolutionary product, but to one of the most famous cosmetic companies. The first is called Maybelline mascara and consisted of a toothbrush to rub on a stick of black wax casting. Needless to say, the time immediately mascara was a huge success.
That’s still one of the most important name in the industry, and they continue to battle to present blackberries and more innovative mascaras every year, including eyelash voluminous and defining varieties.
Colossal Go Extreme by Maybelline

Colossal Go Extreme by Maybelline

One is called Colossal Go Extreme (€ 14.95) to proposed the new mascara from Maybelline, a high-sounding name for a really extreme mascara. The innovative double applicator maxi wave volumizes lashes, depositing the new collagen enriched formula gradually from root to tip.
Lancôme, Grandiose

Lancôme, Grandiose

Another popular product is the  Lancôme mascara Grandiose (€ 38.00) Which revolutionizes the method of application. The “swan neck” applicator makes it possible to wrap every eyelash, even the smallest, for a fan effect. Applying mascara Has never been so easy and a simple touch will give you great eyelashes and a spectacular look.

Intense black and sophistication is recreated by Phenomen ‘Eyes signed Givenchy (€ 27.90). Also in this case the strength of the formulation is not only highly pigmented, but the brush is spherical to

Phenomen 'Eyes by Givenchy

Phenomen ‘Eyes by Givenchy

elongate eyelashes to infinity. Also there is a waterproof version, with a quick-drying formula and a total resistance to water, perfect for Those Who want to wear mascara even on the beach.

Mascara by L'Oreal Miss Manga Punky Paris

Mascara by L’Oreal Miss Manga Punky Paris

Giving volume to the lashes just doesnt Enhance the look to make it blackberries sensual and magnetic, but anche play with the rules. Proof of this is the irreverent mascara Miss L’Oreal Paris Manga Punky (€ 13.90). The 360 ° brush not only captures the upper lashes, but anche the lower ones. The formula Gives extra texture an amazing facility and explosive volume for a fun and punky rebellious style.

Particularly for a joyful style, even by Dior for spring offers color with the mascara Lash Addict It (€ 29.90). The soft applicator makes it comfortable to use, the texture is plumping, but the novelty are the colors. Three shades: It-Purple is combined with a refined look, the It-Blue instead Creates an electric look, while the blackberries daring is It-Pink .

Dior Addict It- Lash

Dior Addict It- Lash

A word may Seem all the same, but it is not. Each mascara is a universe unto itself. Change the pipe cleaners, methods of application, or textures, for an infinite number of results to enjoy.


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