martedì, Ottobre 20

Young,wild and free with Gazel

Good Thursday! While you’re reading this post, I might be traveling to London or that I have already arrived, in any case, I am a mixture of conflicting emotions. I’m thrilled, i’m scared, i’m happy: live is a really intense thing.

About living, the collection that I want to show today inspires the will to live, because it’s fresh, young and glam. On TAG, it’s arrived the moment of Gazel!

This collection combines a fresh style, that evokes the sea, and the urban style. Two different worlds that come together in a compelling collection.
In a broad color palette, between flowers light pink and rows of blue, plot and v-neck on the back, you can find dresses, pants, tops and jackets of various lengths. Every piece attracts and catches the eye because it has in it something attractive, affordable, without losing the style and elegance.

It’s like a collision of two different world: one side is strong, one side is romantic. The result is a harmony of colors and fabrics, pieces highly desirable. Such as those found in the last picture of the post. They are my favorites: colorful, glam, pefect for every occasion! 

If you want to discover more about this collection, visite Stay tuned for all latest news from London (on Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus)

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