You know nothing, Kit Harington – The new face of Jimmy Choo

Stop, stop, stop! Hold it! I know it should be a post about menswear, but women, i want you know that this post is specially for you!

And if you watch tv series, or you’re fan like me of Games of Thrones, you know well this face, and i wanna say, I’m in love with Kit Harington! One of the sexiest actor alive. C’mon, look at him, men, and you can understand what women want from you. Women, look at him, and dream, dream! When i heard that Kit was the new face of Jimmy Choo, i said “yess!”, screaming around my room, but i was justified.  Sandra Choi, Creative Director of the brand, said: “Kit was the perfect choice for the campaign – he has an innate confidence and projects a playfully rebellious nature. He has an overtly masculine style that feels effortlessly cool and a great sense of humour, and beneath that intensity he is a true gentleman“. And i add, he is one of the divine answers to questions of all women. He is the face of accessories, shoes and bags, and also Man of the new Jimmy Choo fragrance and eyewear collection created in partnership with Carrera. Of course, Jimmy Choo is one of the institutions of fashion, especially in the women’s field, ask to shoes-addicted. And by choosing a man like Kit, it’s certain that the menswear section will have a guaranteed success, because the guy has style, class, magnetic eyes, a british accent which never hurts and a innate skill in his craft. Although, the charm and beauty of darkness is innate in him, does not need to act. I wish I could say something more but I think the pictures speak for themselves, and if not enough there is also a video. And then a good actor does not need words to understand what he wants to make it clear to the audience. I think this is the advertising campaign for the winter season that will be more successful, and it is certainly my favorite.
In Games of Thrones, he is Jon Snow, the illegitimate son of one of the characters who die in the first season, Ned Stark (but do not tell you the rest, if you do not follow the TV series, you might get confused between names and too interwoven stories) and he is always said “you know nothing, Jon Snow.” Well Jon Snow will not know anything, but Kit Harington knows how to hit the target.

Pictures: Jimmy Choo
Photographer: Peter Lindbergh 

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