domenica, Settembre 26

You have to be… Creattiva! Original Bijoux

A young, cool and modern brand is arrived in my mind! All of you know my passion for new brands, especially if brand is low-cost but with good quality, so when i discoverd Creattiva, i say “Finally!”.
I discoverd Creattiva on a newspaper, and i was too curious to know something more. Creattiva was created by Imma, a talented woman who knew how to exploit her talent to create something unique.
Proposed models are many, and good for every kind of style: Pop Glam, Rock Chic, Hug and more. Every bracelet is realized meticulously woven and hand-made in lycra, in all the shades available: Tiffany pastel tone, peach tone, light blue, light gray more determined to electric blue, burgundy, teal, hunter green, mud, classic white, black, blue, red, green, brown and more.
You can fin also trends of the season such as camouflage, lurex 

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