What i wish for 25th birthday

Good Sunday! As you can see, on the top of the post there is a big 25. The reason is simple: 19th December is my birthday! But not a normal birthday, but “the fateful 25”.

I’d be lying if I told you that I’m not scared, but I feel different. Many things have happened this year, some very beautiful, others very bad. How this blog, which I started almost as a joke, and now it gives me a lot of satisfaction, the opportunity to have new experiences and meet new people, or strengthen old friendships.
So, instead of the usual hit parade of the past week, i decided to create my own personal wish-list…

Mango Bag

Accessories and clothes that reflect my style. So, from Zara to Mango, from Milton – Firenze to Boticca, with Stradivarius and Marta Zampolini, I chose things that are glamorous, versatile, beautiful, with a touch of rock, my rebel side, all of them don’t distort my idea of ​​style but complete it.

What I would like, however, is not only what I put in here. I would like to have my closest friends, take a trip with my sister S., meet new people (though I’m shy), going to the Robbie Williams concert with Manu, having my sister Vale here with me, to have new experiences, and have a great opportunity to be able to grasp it.

In the end, most people who are important to us that we want more, even one “unknown”. In my case, the “My Unknown”, I also added him to the end of my post.

What I wisht for my 25th birthday? Be happy
Zara Coat

Zara Lace Shorts

Stradivarius Polka dress

Stradivarius Dress

Zara Leather Top

Milton – Firenze Necklace

Marta Zampolini
Boticca Ring

Boticca Ring