martedì, Marzo 2

“What does it means you don’t like shoes?!?!”

“What does it means you don’t like shoes?!?!” this was one of the first phrases that I felt I ask from my best friend when I told her that I preferred the bags.

Those words were so impressed in mind that since then I try to pay more attention to your shoes. If before they were only a small part of my outfit, well now I’m still a “thorn in the side” but at least I like the most. If at first I did not pay attention to fashion shoes (if I liked a model, it was only one, for instance), well now between newspapers and fashion blogs is hard that I did not take a look at the shoes look of the various designers. As you well know, i love boots, every kind of boots except UGG, and ballerinas. But there are certainly only those in the world. So, when i want to discover latest fashion trends for shoes, one of the website i see is Sarenza, leader in its field. Here, you can find all the shoes you need and wish. Great quality and style do not lack, and many times, Sarenza gave to me the solution for the perfect outfit. There is only problem: I don’t have a shoe rack big enough. 😉

Pictures: Sarenza Official Website

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