martedì, Ottobre 27

Welcome to the colorful style of Rebecca Torres

Good Friday!!! Ahh, fashion, what incredible and colofurl world. A world full of surprises, prints, games, fun, love, hate, people. Just people create collections that you didn’t think they could make their mark, the ones that surprise you and prove to you that you have not lost the ability to surprise yourself. Well, this collection will amaze you.

Rebecca Torres is famous in the fashion world for her use of colors and shape, no one has the ability to use colors like her. She has a hard and long apprenticeship in the fashion world, beginning with her studies at Cardonald College in Glasgow, where she studied Fashion Design and Manufacturing. 

She has already a sell out collection on ASOS and Vogue said she is “one to watch”, and if Vogue says, you can trust. The collection runs between cuts and geometric shapes, geometric prints, bright colors, and a silhouette that at first glance may seem traditional, but in reality it reveals an inherent dynamism.

The clothes are inspired by science fiction films typical of the ’60s and ’70s, and they reveal the desire to dare and experience of the designers, even if sometimes the collection is likely to become too much. A new example of a color-block? Maybe yes, maybe no, but the fact remains that this collection draws and can push those who see two highly contrasting emotions: either love or hate. Although the Romans used to say “in media stat virtus”.

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