sabato, Novembre 28

Wanted Badly


One day, my adorable friend Ale told me “oh, I’d like to go out wearing only bustier and corset, with high heels, of course”. At first sight, i thought “she is crazy” but after  thought about the thing, and I told myself that if I was braver, I would do it myself.

I was serious, i’m serious, but i’m not so brave… sigh! When I saw these pictures, I remembered that conversation with Ale over a cup of tea, and strangely I remembered a video of Lady Gaga, Telephone. Imagine: wearing this lingerie with this soundtrack, walking in the streets. Oh, it seems so crazy but so nice. The truth is sometimes you have to dare, not to help or save the others, but for yourself. You have to give you a new way, a new point of view. Maybe you can’t walk like Naomi Campbell or be a dive like her, but it does not mean that you cannot be sexy and very confident woman. It’s nice to stay in your body. I’m not perfect, but i like to stay in my body, i like myself, i am what i am (like Ale says) and it’s good. I’m not a black panther or a super top model, but i’m fiercely me. Capable to think and weat if i have the chance this kind of lingerie, bold and sensual. An agent provocateur, as Bond says in his latest film, Skyfall. Or like a model of Agent Provocateur. Hello, hello, baby, You called, I can’t hear a thing,

ps did i tell you you can buy spring summer on  Agent Provocateur? 😉

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Pictures: The Fashionography. Naomi Campbell. Ellen von Unwerth for Agent Provocateur S/S 2015 Campaign

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