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“Walk a little more cheerfully” with Sarah Jessica Parker

Good Friday! I decided to start the weekend in a nice and funny way. If you are a fashion-addicted, and specially shoes-addicted like Ale and many other women i know, well this article is for you.

It can be said without doubt that the character of Carrie Bradshaw is the world’s most popular female character. Who does not know her, Sex and the City, and his passion for the brand, especially for shoes? And then, she and Manolo Blahnik were a winning combination.

Sarah Jessica Parker was the face of the character, and she has definitely been, and still is, an icon of style, and now she has her collection of shoes…

Just like that. After many years passed on the set of famous tv-series, Sarah Jessica Parker has learned many thing about fashion world, and particularly about shoes.

Her first collection has been influenced by all designers she met, as Manolo Blahnik for example, and drawing inspiration from her life and her experience, Sarah J Parker has created a colorful collection. The lines of the models are simple and basic, sandals and neckline are decorated exclusively with micro grosgrain ribbons, with t bar or plots on the tip, and all models are played on muted pastel tones alternating with a deep red or metallic shades bronze and silver. 

Collection includes 25 pieces and will go on sale starting February 28 on e-shop Nordstrom. But there is one peculiarity, in perfect “Bradshaw” style: each model has the name of a person or of a designer who has ifluenzato the style of the actress.

Nothing is left to chance. “It’s so hard to stay inside the shoes of a woman alone. For this they are really special. To walk a little ‘more cheerfully.”

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