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Vintage mood and a lot of color by Ruco Line

Good Saturday and have a nice day to all Women!! This day celebrate us, so enjoy the day! Realize your dreams, express your wishes, treat yourself to something that you generally denied.

And here, i can help you, because two days ago i discovered a brand that has touched my heart, because it creates the sneakers most beautiful I’ve ever seen! Oh yes, you know i love sneakers, their colors and their lines, well this brand gives to shoes an another point of view. Today it’s the day of Ruco Line.

For Spring/Summer 2014, Ruco Line proposes many different kind of solution, a mix of American style, vintage atmosphere, elegance and sportswear, all seasoned with a lot of color.

Daniela Pechini, creative director of the brand, has created punchy sneaker with internal 8cm heel and 5cm hell at the tip, with a particular atttention to details: in fact, leather and fabrics chosen for the models are of the highest quality and all are mixed with studs, sequins fabrics , rhinestones and gems that adorn the foot.

These shoes are something really extraordinary, because they have a cosmopolitan style, are glamorous, colorful, versatile, perfect for a casual chic look, but also perfect for those who dare not feel like mixing different styles together. 

Have you any idea how many outfits (and photo) I could create if I had even a single pair of these shoes? If the brand accept, I’ll toss a challenge 4 different outfits for 3 different shoes (especially with the sneakers with open toe). Nice?

This Italian brand can only continue to amaze (quiet, then I will show you also the men’s collection and the collection Pure).

Pictures: Ruco Line Press Office

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