giovedì, Ottobre 29

Vintage is better on Rosegal

Good Morning!! What do you think of my purchases on I hope you liked. Yesterday, i talked with about surprises. Well, today i just want to talk about fate. Fortuitously, I came across this brand on a social network of which I want to talk to you today (thanks to fate!).

This brand is very dear to me because it represents a part of me that maybe I am a little monster. The vintage. I love vintage, I consider it so stylish and perfect, and this style can be expressed in probably the best part of me. And on Rosegal you can find the largest selection of vintage clothing.
Thanks to fate again!!

Rosegawas born from the passion of a group of friends who all share a deep and abiding passion for stunning clothing and fashion. And just like me, this group of friends has realized the huge potential of this style, its cultural significance, the fact that vintage clothes always tell a story, as if they had a life of its own. 

The clothes are for the most unique, original, they are always suitable because they are “evergreen”. 

They are contemporary without being right in this period, their beauty is in their essence, in their quality. The vintage is a lifestyle, something that encourages everyone to go to the research, in this case, style, fashion, elegance.
On Rosegal, you can find a wide range of vintage blouses, leggings, skirts, dresses, coats and accessories, all in a wide colors palette. 
Do not think of wearing old crumpled clothes, because the quality of Rosegal lies in the fact that offers high-quality products, not only beautiful to the eye.

The thing that convinced me of the beauty and reliability of rosegal is a phrase that I found in the description of the brand, the last words: Be inspired.
I think, and you know it very well, be inspired is a precious thing, because then you can inspire others and create something new, beautiful, unique. 
Just like Rosegal.

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