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Tres… Jolie Odette

It’s probable, indeed I hope, that while you’re reading I have the good fortune to be at sea for a bit of healthy relaxation. Because, believe it or not, find new brand is not easy; rather, it is not easy to find quality brand new, emerging, creating precious things that make you want to hold them, and be happy that it is not a brand so common because it makes you rare, if not unique, for what you are wearing. Said that, if you know my passion for bags, not if you know the passion of Ale, a friend and ruthless PR for jewelry. It could be like the “magpies”: when she sees something that sparkles or shines, she is attracted. I confess that sometimes take away from the windows is not an easy task. I’m more interested in jewelry, as if to say, “special”, unusual. Maybe that’s why I like the creations of Jolie Odette.

The creations of this brand are very special, because in their simplicity express two concepts very dear to me: quality and elegance. Elegance is not the only damage the pearls or diamonds, but taste good, and I challenge you to find something that this brand is not. Except for the rings, which do not meet at all to my taste, bracelets and earrings-necklaces-are characteristic, because they have a mood unconventional, they are jewels “classic”, but for some reason are tres jolie. The brand was founded by a French girl, Odette, who has sent his sense of creativity and style within each collection. Sure, I can tell you, the creations are not affordable to everyone, but at home I was always taught that you get what you pay for, and above all, lasting more than you are willing to ammetere. Precious stones and gold are the materials used, and the soft lines, faceted, guarantee a more cosmopolitan style. Now, if I tell you that there is an offer unrepeatable on this site, do you? Are you still there?

Pictures: Jolie Odette Official Website

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