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Touch of Mediterranean style by Cori Amenta

Hello guys!! Ready for a new day? Remember to start your day with a smile, it will be a better day. And i know what can give a smile for many of you, one passion shared by many women. Do not guess what? Drumroll, please… Shoes! But today i don’t talk with you about any common shoes, but very special.

Today it’s the day of Cori Amenta. If you’re shoes-addicted, you certainly know what i’m talking about, but for those who don’t know, here’s some news.
Cori Amenta is a talented-italian designer, with a great passion for shoes, and very much style; she created her first collection, Cori Amenta” Shoe Collection, in 2012.

She creates her collection with an intelligent game of proportion and sharp styles in genuine leather. For Spring-Summer 2014, Cori Amenta took inspiration from her homeland, Sicily (and I can tell our land), drawing liberally from its colors and scents, from its rich culture and she took it all in this collection.

Interlacing of color and metallic leather, denim and plexi, give the shoes a certain grace, freshness and brilliance. Some creations are reminiscent of the shoes of ancient Greece, for their plots and forms, and still others resemble pop sculptures, especially for their games White / Black. Collection includes heights for every kind of occasion: sculpture and platform heels, and ultra flat sandals. 

A collection made to seduce, who sees it and the wearer. Imagine: long white dresses in linen, large straw hat on the head, chandelier earrings with bright colors and a stunning sunset along the sea. These shoes would be the proper completion of a moment, and an outfit. Let yourself be seduced by the extraordinary elegance of Cori Amenta shoes.

Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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