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Toi et Moi – jewelry that get to the heart

Hello guys!! Did you like Christian Pellizzari collection? I really love it, exactly like latest Valentino Haute Couture Collection. It’s so pretty, elegant, full of charme and very sensual, isn’t it?

Just to stay on topic, today on TAG it’s time for fashion accessories. Oh, c’mon, are you not thrilled? Well, when i saw these jewels, i thought “i want them on my blog!”.  Said and done! Ladies, it’s with pleasure i show you Toi et Moi Jewels.

This brand is a real pleasant surprise because it respects the craftsmanship and the quality of Made in Italy.
Each piece of the collection is refined down to the smallest detail, each piece combines a unique style, seasonal trends and different materials, such as brass plating different, crystals, feathers, insects.

Each piece leads to the sea, golden beaches, crystal clear sea, light linen clothes over swimsuits in soft colors, romantic evenings or spring, not too hot nor cold, where silk tops and loose pants are matched to one of these fabulous creations.

Collection includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and it is made in bright colors, which give a touch of that summer spirit much lovedA novelty of the new collection are the bibs cotton, embellished with crystals and chains of various shapes and color.

I love this collection, S/S ’14, because it’s fresh, cool, glam, not snob but chic, good for jeans and tshirt or an elegant dress for the evening. The light, the light-heartedness and beauty of these gems will capture your heart.

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