giovedì, Ottobre 29

Timeless jewelry by Occhiverdi Creations

Hello girl and boys! Oh yes, I found out yesterday I have many men between my followers, and many of them ask me when I do a photo shoot dedicated to men’s fashion. I promise, as soon as a brand will give me the chance, I promise you that I will do for you.
So, while I am in search of such inspiration, today i want to show you a brand that Ale has discovered. Oh yes, everyone in the team are good at trying new things, new brands. So, today it’s time for Occhiverdi Creazioni.

Have you present those jewels with a touch of Mediterranean style, yet so seductive and cosmopolitan at the same time? Those jewels, those bijoux that everyone would like to wear with gold sandals at the feet, long linen clothes, colored or white, and tan skin?

They remind me a Greek island, lost in the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Well, these jewels have had this impact on me, for their colors, their style and thieir lines.

Each piece is a mix of old and contemporary style, each piece is made with unique materials, precious and not only, like plexiglas, but also the sensuality of lace, the preciousness and elegance of the elements gold, bronze and copper.

From the bracelet for each day, to earrings for most special events, there is refinement and care in the creation of each piece.

My favorite piece is a necklace with a clock as a pendant: it has a touch of vintage, it’s so elegant, classic, chic and perfect for every kind of occasion. It has a timeless magic.

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