martedì, Ottobre 27

Thinking about sales – Zara accessories

Good Wednesday!! Well, do you remember yesterday i told you about Reiss sales? I started to think about the fact sales time is coming ( damn, it’s so evident i’m a Games of Thrones fan!), and everytime it’s a mess! Damn, it’s so hard find something we really like and we really want, too many beautifil things in one place at a reasonable price. Come on, this thing would freak out anyone! One has to wonder: do I really need? As the protagonist of the “Shopaholic”. Sure, None that will always work but maybe i can help you here!

For example, i need to buy ( yes, I’m not lying!!) shoes, so i decided to look around, I have looked at many brands, I started from those who know best, like Zara, H & M, Stradivarius. And from Zara I found many ideas interresanti. From flat shoes to those with the heels, the possibilities that this brand offers are many, the slave type shoes with heels that reach the knee. U-A-O!!!! The models that I show here are the ones I consider most valuable for my style and more in line with seasonal trends. The flat shoes are among the most lovely views around, the quality / price ratio is very good, and all are extremely versatile. So, between Zara TRF and Zara Woman and accessories are full of color, beads, lights, decorations, leather, mix of fabrics and colors mix! Certainly, the boho bags are in line cones trends of the season, but I still think that the clutch, especially the transparent clutch. How much I would like to bring it to London! Come on, buy a extra never hurt!

Pictures: Zara Website

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