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The Voyage Souvenir, elegant accessories

When i discovered a new brand is always an emotion, and this time is better because a friend suggested me this brand.
The Voyage Souvenir is a young brand, all made in Italy and that’s a good thing if you want the best quality of a product. The brand, based in Livorno, was born in 2011 thanks to union of Ariela and Edward.

The Voyage Souvenir produced foulard, bracelets, necklaces and fashion accessories with an unique style: in fact, with a jewel of The Voyage, you can feel the romanticism of a place or the amazing feeling of a travel. Every piece remembers a place, such as Capri, Milan, Paris, Portofino, and the good quality of the product is showed by the elegance of the lines, by the choice of materials used such as  precious silk, and by the good taste of the result.

The Voyage Souvenir has a great success in the world, and many people are curious to try something so special, because everyone wants to feel that special emotion of the travel or beautiful places around the world.

Here you can find The Voyage Souvenir 

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