Good Friday!! Did you like post of yesterday? I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed the capsule collection, and I promise that soon I will let you know the world of Pepper Chocolate, it’s a great, nice world! Well, but today an old acquaintance has returned on TAG after a long absence. Do you remember first time of Obrani here? It was a dream for me, and it’s still an emotion sharing this collection. Specially because for fall/winter 2014 Obrani has created, in collaboration with Raccagni, something based on two concepts that are very close to my heart: harmony and beauty in simplicity. What could be more beautiful, artistic and true if not simple, not sham beauty?

Collection is built on architectural lines, simple, straight but enveloping. Lines that can give a sense of harmony and romance, feminine silhouette s enhanced by eometric shapes, which does not contrast with perfect lines of female body. Jackets are modern and ultra chic, made with leather and wool just like during the ’60, as well as dresses and blouses of  wool serge twill made in black, raspberry sorbet pink and air blue colors. It’s i the season of contrasts, of encounters between different styles, it is the season of the mix, consisting of Raglan sleeves, cape-jacket, transparency and graphics. Little black dresses are perfect for day and night, versatile thanks to their simple elegance, but modern in their forms and materials. The colors are vivid, full of life and intrinsic beauty, combined harmoniously with each other, even though black is the dominant color, but it also shines
A sophisticated collection, which makes stylish who usually opts for a casual look, makes modern those who generally opt for a classic look. A romantic and feminine collection, which represents very well the most beautiful, and even more true, side of women.
Ok, i confess, if i could, I would make a great photo shoot with these dresses. After all, something I learned in London.;-)

Pictures: Obrani Press Office

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