giovedì, Ottobre 22

The elegance of simplicity with jewels by MVP

Good Wednesday! While it’s raining outside, I want to share with you a brand that has kidnapped my heart, for its extreme beauty, elegance and sophistication.

You know how much I love accessories, especially those original, unique, different, jewelery where quality is one of the main traits,  and these are no exception.

By a lucky chance, fate, or what most tickles your fancy, this brand and TAG met. It’s with pleasure i show you beautiful creations of MVP.

These creations that you see come out of the creative genius of Maria Vittoria Paolillo. Her knowledge of the jewelry comes from a long family tradition, but she has gone beyond its origins, studying gemology and wanting to pursue her way.

How can you not admire a person with so much talent and which wants to find her way? She is truly an inspiration. 

The collection was born out of hes desire to break free from the family name, but not despising it: in fact, her creations contain within them the craft tradition and modernity, the “cosmopolitan flavor” of someone who has traveled and “saw the world”.

Starting with clean lines, basic, simple, the designer has created a collection based on two elements: stars and crosses. These two are universal symbols, which have passed through history, and that stand out for their sophistication, their ability to amaze and to arrive at all.

Searching for a more perfect aesthetics, precious stones, colored glazes: a winning mix to create original jewelry and rare beauty.

If you love the rings (like myself, but it almost never fails to find its measure), you can not miss the latest collection of MVP: The Seven Deadly Sins: simple rings but “impact” that reflect the modern woman: irreverent, ironic, capable of transforming a defect in a pride.
Elegance is a gift, and these jewels are an example.

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