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the beauty of the English countryside praised by Ashley Isham

Hello girls!!! Have you seen the shows in London for menswear? I really loved Burberry and Christopher Kane collections, simply perfect like always. I find them complete and innovative. Oh ok, mine is a biased opinion because I like the work of these designers. I hope to show you something here, but just to stay on English land, today I speak of a brand that struck me. I will not say to you that the brand is perfect, cool, awesome or similar things. It’s a brand that has the potential, with some really good ideas but with some small error. I want to talk you about about Ashley Isham.

The beauty of this collection for next winter is that it is a brand that dares. There are transparencies, structured dresses, games of lengths, floral patterns, the right amount of color, in short everything seems perfect. Oh, how true that looks can be deceiving! Collection is inspired by Ashley Isham love for the beautiful things in life. The gentrified English countryside is the focal point for its idyllic beauty. Both genteel and wild, there’s nothing quite like the English countryside with its patchwork hills, dramatic

dales, ancient woodlands and winding country roads. And no one better than I can understand the beauty of the English countryside. If you’ve never gone, well folks, it’s time to try! I see the beauty of these dresses, I see what you inspire, but some outfits seem designed specifically to conquer the audience, not to bring a new idea. But if the new idea you’ve got it, why hide behind frivolous things? The collection is composed of over 38 outfits, and I can assure you that there are many, but some of these dampen the beauty of others. The long dresses, sophisticated, elegant (soft, sinuous daywear and fading out in the gauzy tranquility of silk georgette with hand
embroidery and hand appliqued lace eveningwear), they are like a breath of fresh air after a few outfits from the air, as it were, a little dull. Now, if this collection is an ode to the beauty of nature, the beautiful rity things in life, why not stop before exceeding? Oh, there is so much potenzialle here, there is so much beauty to be enchanted, but away those outfits so ordinary! Oh, before I forget, I have to say that every single garment is proudly made in England. God save… the English countryside and Ashley Isham, of course.

Pictures: Pop Pr Uk

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