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Team Landon- Inglot for a make up session

Happy Tuesday! Do you remember i told you about a surprise on TAG? Well, time is come!

Last Week, some members of the Team Landon have found a new way to spend a Friday afternoon: a make up session with Inglot! Do you remember when I did the first time the makeup session, always with Inglot?

So, this time to test Inglot products was Ale. With us, the talented make-up artist Cristina De Domenico (that interesting name! Eemind you someone?!), she gave us many tips, the best product to cover the redness of the skin, how to use in a  good way  eyeshadow, how to create a nice effect gradient.

In the midst of all fabulous Inglot products, we have begun, starting everything from a good base. We chose the primer for the eyes, concealer for  redness of the skin, foundation at the end.

We have decided to focus on blue eye shadow, but with some light point given by a lighter and bright color; in addition to the volumizing mascara, Alessandra wanted to try something she had long wanted to try it on herself, the fake eyelashes. And while I was favorable for the black ones, feathered, she opted for purple ones, simple, but that showed off her eyes.

To give shine to the face, Cristina has applied to her face a white, illuminating powder, in addition it has been used a powder tones similar to the complexion of Alessandra, bronzing powder on the lower part of the cheeks and the blush on the cheekbones to highlight them.

On the lips, something lively and intriguing, that captured the attention, course before using lip-pencil the same color of lipstick.

Fun afternoon, during which I learned a lot, and Alessandra has deepened something that amuses and knows very well. 

Thanks to Inglot Cosmetics, Inglot Make up artist Cristina De Domenico and Coin Store of Messina.

Stay tuned! 😉

Me, the photographer XD (no good like Samu)

From L to R: Cristina De Domenico, Alessandra e Anna (Inglot Make up artist)

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