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Take a walk with…a photoshoot with Njkeyo

Weekend and winter are arrived, but here as you can see, it doesn’t seem. Yesterday, It was a fabulous day, an hot sun and a little bit of wind. Good for a walk on the beach. And just there, Team Landon has realized its second photoshoot. But this time…

I’m one of the model. I’m not a model ( i don’t wanna be and i don’t pretend to be a model), I don’t like being in front of the camera, I prefer to stay behind, but all the team, and many of yours in emails (betrayers!!!!), have asked me to partecipate. Seriously, i don’t know why, but 
i hope you are happy now 😉

This photoshoot is in partnership with Njkeyo, an italian brand that creates original tshirts, and i hope i can show to you as soon as possible its collection.

If last time I wanted to take pictures on “my mountains”, this time I have chosen to show you “my” sea, proposing simple, casual, chic, comfortable, funny outfits with a touch of style. Something from which anyone can get inspired and create something new.

Ale and i have interpreted the shirts in two different ways, but equally easy to recreate: Ale has highlighted the chic, glam and sophisticated spirit of t-shirts; I bet on a more strong side, something that I would call rock-chic.
Different but complementary aspects that fully reflect the mood of the shirts.

Njkeyo tshirts are perfect  to “play” a little bit, not to take itself too seriously, but have also a glam look with a pair of jeans. A simple t-shirt but that “splits”, you know what i mean.

Things to have in your wardrobe: ballerinas, a pair of decollete, little black dress, leather jacket and “The Perfect Tshirt”. And for this last thing, i think that Njkeyo is perfect for everyone.

Stay tuned with us, and enjoy your weekend =)

Cris Landon First Outfit:
Njkeyo Tshirt– Zara TRF Jeans- H&M Shoes- Mango Touch Bag- Piazza Italia Sweatshirt- RayBan Sunglasses- MiJo Bracelets- Ingriko Bracelets
Second Outfit:
Njkeyo Tshirt– Zara TRF Denim – Mango Touch Bag- RayBan Sunglasses- Ingriko Bracelets 

Alessandra R First Outfit:
Njkeyo TshirtBallerine Nero Giardini- Zara Trench, Montecristo Bracelet

Second outfit:
Njkeyo Tshirt– Lumberjack Shoes- Marella Cape- Kiokio Bracelet

Photoshoot by Team Landon 
Pictures by Samuela S

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