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New Year’s Eve Accessories

 It's snowing! It's snowing! Can snow make you happy? Well, yes. Yesterday morning, I got up and as soon as I saw the snow, I started jumping for joy, like a child in front of a desired gift and received for Christmas. Am i crazy or only too happy? (altro…)

Susan Posnick – makes beauty simple

 Busy Days!! No time to rest, no time to write here. Ahhh holidays!! I love it! I'm enjoying every single day with my family, this is a special year for us and i don't want to waste time. So,  i have only five minutes free and i'm here for you. When you spend all your day out, and you have no time to control your makeup, you need that it's perfect from the beginning. (altro…)

Surprise, surprise

  Hey guys, i hope you have spent a beautiful, special, great Chrstimas with your family. I ate so much!!! There was so much food, omg! By the way, among the many gifts got (some of which have made me weep with joy) one made me cry out in surprise. Do you love Chanel accessories? (altro…)

Like VB

 Honestly, I think I've envied Victoria Beckham for many reasons. Obviously the main one is her husband. Who would not want to have David Beckham next for the rest of the lives? Then, her fashion line. There is little to do: that woman has style and elegance, and aside from some misstep, is always impeccable. She has a daughter fashionista, soo cute that she seems a princess. I thought there could be other reasons to be jealous of her. But ... (altro…)

All eyes on me

 Probably it is the air of celebration around me, or the thought that I will return to my beloved London, but I have a strong desire to take the suitcase and leave. And though I love the cold, in my mind I travel in hot and exotic. (altro…)

Flying away

  My week is started in a very busy way! Stress, emails, works, Christmas gifts, plans for my birthday (19 december).... need a moment to breathe or to sleep. I choose the first one, so i can do everything after the breathe. It's "that" period of the year... (altro…)


If you open your email and if you find "New bags from Cara, just in time for Christmas!", what do you think? Naively, i thought "omg, Cara sends me a bag!?!?", try to understand me, it's a very hard period for me, and i admit i'd like to receive a good news. But, maybe, that does not excuse my oversight. (altro…)

Perfect hat for perfect make up

 Do You know Philip Treacey? If you don't, don't worry, i wasin your same conditions months ago. Probably cuz Philip Treacey is the master of hats and i don't use that kind of accessories often as i wish. (altro…)

Walking on a dream

Do you know Lady Gaga's Song Alejandro? Oh, i wished for many weeks to meet a man with that name, only to call him like Gaga "Ale-Ale-Alejandro". Don't worry, i'm not so crazy, but i'll tell you everything. Saturday, i have had a meeting with the editorial staff of Quotidianomime.com and as Head of women's fashion, my boss asked me to discover new talents, new designers, preferably brazilian. And yesterday i started my research... and i discoverd the new "Alejandro", or the man of my heart, Evandro (that rhymes with Alejandro) Soldati. (altro…)

Looking at the future

 Ok, i have to confess that I do not have the gift of foresight, but yesterday i was writing my article for QuotidianoMime about Christmas ( go to read it!), and going around the world wide web i found this. Have you ever waltched Le Prénom?  (altro…)

Squaring the circle

 Awkward moments of life ... How many have you had you? Well I... i lost count how many times i lived them, ask to Ale if you don't trust me, but i can assure you they are indeed numerous. Like when I do not understand even the most basic things, like ... to square the circle. Have you no idea of embarrassing moments that I have experienced because of this sentence? A few days ago I was thinking about it and then I found this collection in the mail. (altro…)

In Ella Valentine (Of London) world

Back to... the origin. Yesterday, after an interesting call, i remembered to myself why i have my blog/site: not just to talk about me, but about my idea of fashion, and the first aim i had was to discover new brands, discover new chances, new possibilities, new ideas. Maybe I'm a little lost sight of this goal for a while, but then by the power of my favorite social networks (like Twitter, Google + and Instagram), I have found the way.  You know my passion for "London word"  and bags. (altro…)

A cup of cheer

"Have a holly jolly Christmas, It's the best time of the year", everytime i think of Christmas, this song starts in my ming, with the voice of Frank Sinatra. Ahh what beautiful time! Few days ago, i was looking for some outfits for Christimas on Google Plus (yes, i use it more than Fb, sorry), and i saw the latest Christmas collection by Forever21. Stop, stop, stop! (altro…)
The Auburn Girl


 Last night i went to the cinema to watch "Love, Rosie", i was so curious to watch this movie, i don't know why but i felt attracted. It seems more a comic movie rather than romantic, but i remember to myself that laughs and love are a good mix. There was a special energy between Lily Collins and Sam Claflin, and i remember a lot of episodes with my bestfriend F, he's a man but i can assure we are not like the two protagonists of the movie.  And how lovely was the city was setting for the film? Mmm... London! (altro…)