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Stylish handmade by Alt Concept

A new day, a new brand. You know very well how i like finding new brands, products, style and ideas. This time, Team Landon has remained in Italy. The expression “made ​​in italy” is overused, but with Alt Concept you can find all the quality that the words evoke.

Alt Concept is a young and fresh brand, born in 2010, and just like any young brand is dynamic, constantly evolving and expanding. Some of the trends of the season are here revisited in a garment unique, original, contemporary.

All collections are born by an idea: “impulsivity”. Designers of Alt concept create every piece under the control of the impulsivity,if it’s possible to say. Like any good creative, they leave that the idea pure and simple, which is to be realized in their iconic pieces, unique, glam, everyone wants to wear. 

Alt of Concept devotes much attention to the quality of the materials used, to offer a high quality product, but it is completely accessible to those who want a piece of style.

Being products made entirely by hand, details and finishes are executed perfectly, worthy of the best traditional Italian tailoring. 

Collections include sweatshirts and t-shirts, for her and for him. And if you love just like me to go in the men’s department stores and “steal” some iconic piece from the wardrobe of him, well you can do with Alt of Concept.

Sweatshirts are one of thr seasonal trends: mixed your sweatshirt with a short skirt and lace ankle boots, an easy and chic outfit, good for day and night.

Fashion can be a funny games, the important thing is to do it with style, just like Alt of Concept’s style.

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