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Stylish fur coats by MyMink

Happy Saturday! Last night, I and the team  came out, a bit of healthy relaxation. Finally!  It was very cold, and i think that this brand was proper to the situation. Ladies and gentleman, it’s a pleasure share with you… drumroll, please… MyMink.

I’m not very conducive to fur but this brand makes me think again about my ideas, or at least try it myself. 

This brand was born from the creative mind of Russian-­‐born designer Maria Wijngaard. Her furs are not the classic ones, such as those of our grandmothers. They have a lot more style

The fur of this brand have a graceful silhouettes, comfortable, sporty yet chic. Fur sustainable, ideal for those who want to break the mold and try new avenues in fashion, suitable for a day in the mountains, thus replacing those bulky jackets, snow or suitable for getting around the city, giving your outfit a sophisticated touch, you do note.

Just like i told you in the past, i am not fan of furs, but if you are fond of this garment, I advise you to rely on the talent, style and grace fur of Maria

On MyMink, you can also find accessories of cosy snoods and jewel-­‐toned boleros in pelts of Finn racoon, fox and coyote. Unconventional items to play with fashion.

Ps sorry for the delay of the post, a few small technical problem arose.

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