venerdì, Marzo 5

Stripes and nothing more

Victoria Beckham style that had it was understood a lot in recent years, but that he had so much, well it is always full of surprises! How can she be so Posh?

I know that she hates this word but honestly everytime i see her latest collection i think fortunately, she changed jobs. It’s as if she had a fashion in the blood. As always, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington (i love her!) and all the best of fashion system was at her fashion show, just like David Beckham and sons. Unlike other shows that I have not written anything here, I could not help but express my appreciation and my criticism here, with you. I admire the minimalist style of the collections of Mrs. Beckham because much reflect my taste when it comes to fashion. I found just lovely dresses in stripes, like the first one you see that is my favorite, as I found sublime skirts and delicate patterns. But the rest? Unfortunately for her, Mrs Beckham has accustomed me well over the years and I expected to see another facet of the feminine universe. Why instead I think she was frozen this time? She taught me that a woman can be sporty without being sloppy, sensual without being vulgar, elegant without being snobby. So why the hell did not give me more? Ok, there is style, there is the elegance,but her art? Where is her art? My question is still not answered. In the meantime, I enjoy the lines, and I step in reviewing the front row.

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