Street Style Inspiration from Paris

                      Chiara Ferragni

Fashion Month is definitely over, finally!! I love fashion weeks, it’s a big moment of style, arts, creativity and more, but, working for a newspaper, i can’t tell you that it’s a little bit tiring

What i love of the fashion weeks is street style, especially in city like London or Paris. Both of these cities have their personal sense of style, less conventional than New York and Milan (the fashion capitals). No eccentric outfits, a lot of personality

In these photos, fashion-bloggers, designers, it girls show some of the best street style outfits that i have seen, and my motto is perfect for the occasion: “inspire yourself, inspire the others”.
What’s your favorite outfit?

                        Andrea Bogdan

                          Bibi Bevza

                             Cris Tamer

                          Giia Aydinli

                         Izortze Setien

                           Jessie Bush

                           Leila Yavari

                      Miroslava Duma

                       Monica Mendes

                          Stacey Chen

                           Tina Leung

                     Veronika Fasinova

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of

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