Stradivarius Fall/Winter 2013 Collection: London Style

Shopping on-line is a resource for everyone, because you have the chance to llok all the catalogue, choose what you want, and if you don’t like what you choose, you can send back everything without problems. 
One the brands i really appreciate for shopping online is Stradivarius: it’s a brand young, fresh, cool, glam, punk-rock but it can be also easy and chic. I bought three times shoes of this brand, and honestly i can tell you that shoes are very comfortable, nice and good quality.

The theme chosen for fall/winter collection is London street, British style, and of course i adore it.
In the street of London, these nice models show all the best of Brit sense of style, a rebel spirit that can be very sensual. Jackets and mini-skirt of leather, parka, tartan on scarfs and dresses, leopard print. Black, white, grey, red and white: this is the color palette for the entire season.
This kind of style has its standar-bearer in Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, and also the latest love of Prince Harry, Cressidra Bonas.
Brit Street Style is perfect for young strong woman, mix of clothing is basic to understand this style, accesories must be carefully measured to not steal the limelight from the person.

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