giovedì, Luglio 29

Steal my… boots

“Her walk is so lean and every jaw drops when she’s in those jeans, alright, alright?”

You know, I’ve always been honest with you, I have always said that I listen to One Direction, and I confess it: yesterday, when “steal my girl” video came out, I watched. Mea culpa. But, not to avoid the question, do you know what I was doing before? I was watching pictures of ly last trip to London and previously a fashion newspaper with Stuart Weitzman boots. And on my mind there was a picture: me, walking in the corridors of Jubilee Line, and attached to the walls of the endless escalators, the same advertising. Call it an epiphany, flashback or deja vu. I was there, better, my mind was there, and it has been fantastic. As you know, I have a very serious disease, called “boots-mania”, but hey don’t judge me! I have an obsession and so what?! Everytime i look at this collection I don’t desire the “giraffe-legs” of the model, but her boots! C’mon, Stuart Weitzman creates the best boots in the world, but don’t worry he creates also ballerinas, sandals, decollete, he thinks to all of us. And like any “boots-obsessed” worthy of respect, there is only one pair of boots that I admire, I would almost worship: 5050. It’s the perfection. A model that you can wear with everything, everytime, everywhere. Makeup, no make uo, accessories, no accessories, don’t worry: 5050 resolves your problem. If i dedicate a song to a pair of boots, am i crazy? Maybe yes, but hey everyone is weird in their own way

It knows, It knows that i never let it down before, It knows, it knows that i’ll never gonna let another take it away from me… Find another one cos it belongs to me”
Pictures: Stuart Weitzman
Model Gisele Bundchen
Mario Testino (Photographer)
Sarajane Hoare (Fashion Editor/Stylist)
Orlando Pita (Hair Stylist)
Tom Pecheux (Makeup Artist)
Jack Flanagan (Set Designer)

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