venerdì, Marzo 5

Smokey for eyes

“Cris, You’re one of the few people I know who might get smokey eyes”, feww days ago, Ale told it, and as you know I’m a little clumsy when i talk about make-up.

Unlike Ale, I’m not very good to makeup myself, in fact I still am amazed at the thought that someone at LFW has told me that I had a perfect makeup(sure to see clearly!?!?!). But Ale knows what she says, she knows many secrets about makeup, so i decided to learn more about smokey eyes, taking inspiration from the catwalks. A black eye shadow, or a black pencil, around the eye, and the color is faded (easy for those who have a steady hand, not me, of course), much black mascara and the rest of the face should be clear and bright shades, but the real stylish touch is given by the red, pop lips. Armani and Cavalli choose to enhance the beauty of your face through a trick that maximizes the look with a smokey cat eye effect deep pitch black which makes the penetrating eyes.  Of course, must be careful to avoid “panda”, and besides this kind of makeup requires constant attention, especially if you do not use good quality products: the “dissolution” of the makeup is just around the corner. 

Pictures: Tumblr

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