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Shine Bright with Graffiti Girl by Maiden Art

Good Friday! Are u planning your weekend? I hope i twill be full of fun, music and happy moments. Tomorrow i twill be Women’s Day, that’s a nice thing, but i believe that the woman should be celebrated every day, especially the women who suffer and fight in spite of everything, women who love unconditionally others, their children and themselves. Beautiful, ugly, high, low, thin, big, brown, blonde or red: women are special creatures, always.

And a brand that celebrates us is Maiden Art. I have spoken to you of this brand before, and like all good things, they come back here on TAG because they have a value, Maiden Art has created a special collection, called “Graffiti Girl”, based on the power of colors and color-block.

For the next fall/winter season, this italian brand has mixed colors such as pink, green, orange and fuchsia, blue and colored dust, Swarovski crystals, pearls, satin and golden chains from various dimensions, creating necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings very stylish.

A collection that brings to mind the style of New York during the ’70s, a joyful collection, experiencing varying degrees of style and creativity. Sweetness and grit, an explosion of color and harmony among them, flair and good taste: these are the success factors of this collection.

I admire very much the part of the collection called “Secret Side” because it is delicate and unique, dazzling in its simplicity that captures every look.
Within this collection you will also find Vegas, Chelsea Girl (very rich and shiny), Femme Fatale, Purple Lips (a mix of colors, pearls and bows), All Tomorrow’s Peopleand Love Mail (fresh and youthful, very rock) . Who said that the winter is a season devoid of color?!

Secret Side Collection

Pictures: Maiden-Art Press Office

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