Good Sunday!! Time of peace and rest!! Ahh, after three days without music, finally i can listen something without problems. What joy!!! Generally, when I prepare myself to go out, I put the music very high, dancing, singing, in fact I let myself influence by the music. So, one of the most famous italian makeup brand has launche a collection that is very close to my soul, in this case. Perfect music=perfect makeup? It seems so, specially with Boulevard Rock by Kiko Cosmetics.

The collection is a limited edition, and it’s an explosion of colors and bright light. Collection is composed by many must-have pieces, as Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette,  #03 is my favorite and it’s called Grounge Couture, Rock Attraction Bronzer, Boulevard Rock Face Brush, Rock Idol Lipstick, Denim Nail Laicquerbut the iconic piece, the one that should not miss every woman, is Glow Touch Lips & Cheeks. It’s an extremely versatile product, in fact it has a smooth texture and pleasant to the touch. Its delicate texture can be applied on both cheeks and lips that gives an effect glossed. But if rock-pop-r&b style is not quite your style, well Kiko has the ability to satisfy everyone. In fact, italian brand has created Life In Rio Limited Edition. This year is the year of World Cup, so with Kiko we can have a touck of that colorful country. It includes all the sun and bright colors of Rio, and highlights are Sun Show Nail Lacquer, Exotic Shine LipstickTropical Waterproof EyelinerCreamy Touch Eyeshadow Duo. All the pieces give light and sensuality to the skin, the textures are soft and delicate. Both collection are in limited edition. So, how Gwen Stefani sings, what are you wating for!??!?!?!! Take your chance!!

Pictures: Kiko Cosmetics

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