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Seasonal trends… all crazy for the croptops

New projects are on the horizon, and Team Landon is very excited for this reason. I promise you that you’ll discover everything as soon as possible. I give you my word.

But today, here on TAG, it’s time for one of the seasonal trends: CropTops. Every brand has its personal variants, its personal interpretation

Croptop is the item of clothing that provides the necessary requirements in order to be worn; simple things like a flat stomach, no fear of the cold, and a strong desire to wear this garment to give it the correct interpretation

Croptops are very versatile, and it’s possible find them in many textures, colors, mood. From Topshop to Mango, from Asos to River Island, the possibility of choice is wide. I have selected some of them, i have chosen pieces good for every kind of mix-and-match. For example, for a romantic outfit i suggest to you polka dot croptop of Topshop  with a lace skirt and ballerinas.

But it’s possible use croptop also for disco, just like the sparkling croptop of Topshop, for a date with friends, hit the guy you like with a lace,trasparent, black croptop of Asos or one with leopard-print: combined them in tight pants or leather-black skinny jeans and ankle boots. What strong result!

But be careful: it’s easy  to make a misstep, it is easy to match a CropTop in a wrong way, it is easy mix it with wrong accessory and the results can be truly disastrous: or too vulgar or too dull. In both cases, something that the fashion police would stop.

Check out my personal list of of CropTop selected by me, and you get inspired fashion. Fashion can be a funny and creative way to play 🙂

Wildfox Couture
River Island

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