Rimmel London and Rita Ora: A London Girl for a new collection

A new collaboration is in the air, and this time fellowship includes Rimmel London and the-singer-of-the-moment Rita Ora. 
It’s not the first time for Rimmel about this kind of collaboration, in fact, it prevoiusly collaborated with Kate Moss for a limited edition of lipsticks.

Rimmel will produce a limited edition of make-up, and the collection will launch next year in February.Collection will include nail and lip products.
Miss Ora is very enthusiastic of the project, in fact she is a Rimmel girl, because she said:” I have always loved Rimmel growing up and it’s so exciting for me to be able to work this cool brand”.

 Just like many women in the world, Miss Ora is obsesses with make-up and love to mix the colors, and she is a real London-Girl, and Rimmel uses street of The City (London) for inspirations for its products.

A collaboration that promises to be full of surprises