Princess Grace: More Than An Image collection with Pringle of Scotland

She was a dive of the cinema and a fashion-icon, and it doesn’t matter how many years have passed since her death, Grace Kelly remains an icon with a unique style.

To celebrate her, Pringle of Scotland created a capsule collection inspired by Princess Grace of Monaco’s elegant everyday wardrobe, in collaboration with Central Saint Martins MA and BA Fashion students.
They researched the Princess’s wardrobe with help from the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.

It was organized a fashion show in Edinburgh, entitled Princess Grace: More Than An Image.

Thanks to Princess Caroline, daughter of Grace Kelly, the students of Saint Martins had access to family photos, video footage which gave them insight into Grace Kelly’s style, and her own extensive collection of Pringle knitwear.

A family photo of Grace in a top with the slogan “Kelly for Brickworks” supporting her father’s construction company inspired the modern “Grace” and “Kelly” sweaters found in the new capsule collection.

Tracy Chapman, COO of Pringle of Scotland, said that the brand is keen to collaborate with the students again as they bring such a youthful and unique perspective to the brand.

Ms Chapman said also that the collection is only being stocked with one retail partner per market as POS wanted to maintain complete exclusivity. Brand needed to work with retailers that could put it into an exhibition environment and share its story.

A successful tribute that showcases also the talent of new young designers.

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