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Pretty, comfortable and chic. Unisa Shoes

Good Morning! Have you ever believed in random, fortuitous meetings? Well, i have to confess, I’ve always hoped, but it never happened, so… I don’t have much hope at the moment, except for fashion. Lately, I’ve had a series of chance encounters in fashion world, and I am discovering many interesting brands and designers.

This is the case of UNISA. These brand was born in 1970, by the inspiration and resourcefulness by two shoemakers, Carlos Musso and Antonio Porta, following in a Spanish family tradition of refined, classical styling and comfort.

Brand includes many different kind of shoes, as wedges, sandals, boots and flat shoes. The spirit of the brand is to combine elegance and comfort, an idea that fashion is rediscovering recently. Comfortable does not mean just beautiful, or worse, bad, but it can be a truly inspiring philosophy; this brand then used a really winning card engaging designers from all over the world. A mix of cultures and different ideas to create successful and desirable shoes, shoes that meet the needs of every woman.

And we all, both men and women, know how women are hard to please. The shoes are made in Spain, leather is the key material and, as such, is only sourced from the best Italians, Spaniards and Indians suppliers.
The designers are always looking for new materials and ideas in order to achieve the best possible result, for style and quality.
Spring/Summer ’14 Collection is full of life, fresh, colorful and in line with the trends of the season, as the python.

My favorite model is the fifth image below: extremely versatile because you can wear it with jeans and dresses, skirts and pants, glam because it has compelling lines, and it’s perfect for day and night. My dream becomes real.

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