venerdì, Giugno 18

Pieces of art

You know i like street-style as inspiration for everyone, i mean, there is a lot of style around you, you just have to learn to see where it is. And sometimes you can discover interesting things. For example, which brand begins with C, but not a double-C, is famous, everyone wears it and if you do not own one of its creations it means that you don’t know fashion like you think?

 Chanel(even if you omit the C -Coco- is not the case)? No. Christian Dior (the name begins with C)? Calvin Klein) No, no, no , no, did i mention no? ( Yes, i confess: i have stolen this words from Damon Salvatore of TVD. But hey girls, i’m talking about Paula Cademartori. Oh yes, the woman who creates bags that everyone wants. NYFW? Check. LFW? Check. MFW? Check. PFW? Check!!!! I have lost count of the people who wore a bag of this brand during fashion weeks. And if you think about the social events, we will never end. At one point, I even started to think “but someone gives these bags?!?!”, c’mon it was normal i thought it! Then , i saw also Candela Novembre with a Paula Cademartori bag, and i said that everyone has it, except me, of course. It would have been nice too. I can understand why people wear these bags: they are beautiful, they are precious, damn smart, even if you are wearing ripped jeans, or you forgot to get the color from the hair salon. I mean, they are like a picture of modern art, they fascinates you, never stop looking at one of them, you see them around the world, but unfortunately never at your home. Damn! I have always said that we must despair only for things for which it is worth. Well, girls, this is one of those times. But at least I take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone. But, even that is not enough.
Candela Novembre
Pictures: Paula Cademartori Official Website

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