Photo shoot with POIS

Do you remember when I told you about another photo shoot made by Team Landon? Well, last November 29, me and my “photographer” went at the official store of POIS, in Amantea, to make this photo shoot.

If you remember well, i told you I prefer to stay behind the camera, but thanks to the complicity of the brand, Flaminia (the store owner) and my photographer, I decided that for once I could stop whining and play with fashion.

The clothes of the brand are truly versatile, perfect for day and night, and I wanted to do them justice, leaving them the elegant mood that distinguishes them

From jeans to shirts (my favorite outfit), the two dresses, to the blouse by precious embroideries, everything was of the highest quality, a real product made in Italy, well made, with attention to even smallest details.

My shoes nude color by H & M have once again shown their versatility, moving easily from jeand to evening dresses. Just these two dresses are a true inspiration on what to wear for this Christmas Holiday.
I wanted to let all the attention on the clothing, the real protagonists of this service, so that they can be enchanted as you have enchanted me.

I want to thank Flaminia, the owner of the shop, to have put at our disposal the store, and for her kindness and, above all, for having put me at ease. I thank you very much for this, Flaminia!

Flamina and me

Behind the scenes

the choice of clothes

In love with this coat

Looking for accessories, made by Flaminia’s mother

time to change clothes

Stay Tuned on TAG!

Photo shoot by The Auburn Girl by Cris Landon
Clothes by Pois

Accessorries: H&M Shoes and gold Necklace, Kiokio gold chain bracelet

Make up : Kiko Cosmetic

Thanks to Pois, Pois store of Amantea, and store’s owner Flaminia for her help, kindness and sympathy.