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Perfect nude (and not only) make up with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Good Sunday! U have no idea how i’m happy, thanks to ChelseaFc! Have I never said that I am a super Chelsea fan? Weill, it’s not true girls don’t love football, you have to see me at the Stadium, i can be terrible!
So, i know this is our beauty/makeup Sunday moment, and today i share with you a new brand that is very famous in USA and around the world, Bobbi Brown. Brand takes its names from its founder, the famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown, called The Queen of Nude Makeup.

The american makeup artist has her personal idea: “Women want to look and feel themselves, only prettier and confident “, and this idea is fantastic, because it’s simple and terribly true. So, her makeup collections are composed of eye shadows, basic and not, waterproof mascara, lipgloss shiny and resilient, seductive nail polish. For Spring/Summer 2014  Bobbi Brown proposes Essential Summer 2014 Edition, a makeup kit available exclusively at Macy’s. The set includes some of Bobbi’s best-selling products suitable for a wide range of skin tones and perfect for those who want an easy, quick and beautiful look through the season; Bobbi Brown Pastel Brights Eye Palette which includes pastel eyeshadow palette with matte and metallic finishes. 
Choose your colors and rule the world 😉

Pictures: Bobbi Brown 

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