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Pefect in the water with MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

Happy Sunday pretty girls! Yesterday, me and Ale went out for fun, oh yes, also Team Landon knows how to have fun! The team needs to have fun every now and then! Well, maybe while you’re reading this post,  I’ll still be in bed XDXD
You know, summer is come, so some girls like me love to use makeup even when they go to sea, and it is not always easy to find a collection for waterproof makeup. Fortunately for this summer, MAC Cosmetics saves our lives!

MAC Cosmetics has created MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection, and it’s available since May 2014 in all MAC Store. Collection is composed by Extra Dimension Eye Shadow, lined with the pearlized black of Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner, Luminous Extra Dimension Blush and Extra Dimension Bronzer. The entire collection is created to give brightness to the face and hands, thanks to the nail polish in the colleizone. The colors have pearlescent effects, which are in harmony with the color of the skin, especially when it is in contact with the water. A data collection that ranges dark tones like deep purple to light tones, to satisfy all the women during the hot season. You know, it is not easy to match the color with your tan. Fortunately, the brand knows what we need. And now, it’s time for me to go. Scroll down the post to see the whole MAC collection 🙂

Pictures: MAC Cosmetics

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