giovedì, Luglio 29

Out of the woods

Smile to life and life smiles at you. Smile, shine, love, live, enjoy.

You can think I have gone mad, but i’m not, simply i smile. Maybe cause i’ve booked my flight to London, maybe cause i’ve become a Caramella Girl. Do you remember Caramella (you can find it herehere and here)? Well, i’ve been chosen as blogger, so i’m a Caramella girl. So happy, so excited, so grateful. So this happens when you do what you love, just like Sophie Bille Brahe. She creates beautifil jewels, specially with pearls and precious stones that when you wear one of them you think “damn girl, it’s cool!”. I like easy chic style, cause it’s good for any kind of occasion and the clothes do not steal the show to the wearer but harmonize with the wearer. Here, imagine these accessories with a jeans , white shirt, red high decollette, fedora hat, and a bracelet and a ring of this collection. I dare you to tell me on which occasion you can not go dressed like this. I really believe that elegance is in the details, in the harmony of the essence of things, because everything in it is true. With one of this, you are “out of woods”, that it’s also latest song on my mind. 
Pictures: Sophie Bille Brahe Website

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