Original style with Maclù

It’s always amazing discover new brands (Team Landon is specialized) , because you have the possibility to discover new products, often handmade, something unique and original, with a lot of personality.

This is the case of Maclù. This cool brand was created by Claudia Corbetta, a young Milan stylist; this is a real example of Made in Italy or, in this case, Made in Milan, one of the fashion capitals.

The collection is eclectic, a perfect example of mix-and-match, with only one fil-rouge: the harmony of colors and shapes, all seen in a functional perspective and absolutely in line with the trends of the season.

The collection is vast and it includes clothing as soft trousers and suits “palace” , skirts and sweaters avvolgentitop screwed or oversized mix, dresses and skirts maxi or mini, it ranges in color palette that includes  naturals to brighter shades , colors and contrasting geometric prints or softer for those arrangements.

The excellent quality of fabrics, something light-versatile and always “up-to-date” jersey viscose or cotton for the winter, mohair knitted and woven jacquard, help to make sophisticated looks but perfect for every kind of occasion.

The young stylist loves to experiment and try new things, so Miss Corbetta has created a new collection, Maclù Lazy.

This collection includes shirts over that become mini-dresses , pants and t- shirts casual, supple pants, jackets; but what catches the eye are the accessories. Unique pieces just bags, bracelets , necklaces made ​​from yarn or viscose jersey cotton hand-woven , colored and printed to wear and create a easy-chic mood.

Quality, in fashion, is something that should never be neglected, and when it is combined perfectly with the style, creativity and elegance, you can not let get away. So, if you wanna be glam and unique, choose Maclù
Style, trends, elegance and quality: this is Maclù world

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